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New types of modules are introduced in IRIS v1.4.0

IRIS can be extended with modules. They can be split in two types:

  • Pipeline modules : Allow upload and process of evidences through modular pipelines (eg: EVTX parsing and injection into a database or data visualiser)
  • Processor modules : Allow processing of IRIS data upon predefined actions / hooks. (eg: be notified when a new IOC is created and get VT/MISP insights for it).

Modules (or DIM - DFIR-IRIS Modules) are actually Python packages which must be installed in the Python environment of iris-webapp and the worker (see Quick Start). Once installed in the Python environment, modules can be managed in Advanced > Modules.

Manage modules


This section is only available for users with the Admin role.

By default IRIS is shipped with multiple modules.

  • IrisVTModule : Processor module offering VirusTotal insights (installed and registered)
  • IrisMispModule : Processor module offering MISP insights (installed and registered)
  • IrisWebHooksModule : Processor module offering webhooks support (manual installation)
  • IrisCheckModule : A basic processor module logging every hooks. Used to check the good functionning. (installed and registered)
  • IrisEVTXModule : A pipeline module offers EVTX import into Splunk through IRIS (installed but not registered)

Last update: 2022-06-12