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The notes layout has been updated in IRIS 2.4.0. The following documentation is valid for IRIS 2.4.0 and above.

IRIS allows analysts to add notes to cases. Notes can be added to a case from the Notes tab.
Notes are organized by directories. A note has to live within a directory.

Adding a directory

To add a directory, click on the + directory icon on the left side of the Notes tab. A new directory is added to the list and asks for a name.

Add group

The title of the directory can be edited by right clicking on it and selecting Rename.

Edit group

Adding a note

To add a note, right click on the directory and select Add note. A new note is added to the list.

Edit note

To rename the note, double click on the title and press enter to confirm.

Edit note


Notes and directories can be moved. Right click on the note or directory and select Move. A popup appears and allows to select the destination directory.

Last update: 2024-03-18