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This section is under construction and more elements will be added over time

This documentation is not a detailed how-to develop IRIS. It gives some insights to help understand the basic code of the project and how to contribute.

General repositories conventions


We are using the Gitflow Workflow to manage our git branches.
In a nutshell :

  • master contains only "production-ready" code
  • develop contains the major development code. When ready it is tagged and merged into master
  • The sub-branches of develop contains either :
    • A new feature in development, in which case the naming convention is new_feature
    • An issue fixe, in which case the name convention is iXX_issue_title, with XX being the issue number


The commits convention is the following :

  • Create commits as small as possible, i.e atomic commits
  • If it's not related to an issue, the format [action] Commit message is used, with action being a 3 letters action related to the commit, eg ADDfor additions, DEL for deletions, IMP for improvements, etc.
  • If it's related to an issue, prepend with the issue ID, i.e [#issue_id][action] Commit message


The following sections are available in this documentation :

Last update: 2022-06-21