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All components of IRIS offers by-default logging in the docker instances.
Depending on the OS of the hosts, the location of these logs may differ.

For Debian-based distributions, the logs are usually in /var/lib/docker/containers/.
The usually interesting logs in IRIS are the following:

  • iriswebapp_app : Contains the logs of core of IRIS, including major stack traces and access control output
  • iriswebapp_worker: Contains the logs of the worker and output of modules
  • iriswebapp_nginx: Contains the logs of the reverse proxy. Every request to IRIS is logged there.

Setting up forwarding

Logs of IRIS can be forwarded to a SIEM for monitoring. Below is discussed how to setup Splunk forwarding. Other drivers are available and detailed on the docker website.

  1. Enable HEC and get an HEC token from Splunk. See the Splunk documentation
  2. On the host where docker is running, create a file /etc/docker/daemon.json and specify the following content:
        "log-driver": "splunk",
        "log-opts": {
            "splunk-insecureskipverify": "true", 
            "splunk-index": "iris",
            "splunk-token": "YOUR HEC TOKEN",
            "splunk-url": "https://SPLUNK_SERVER:8088"
  3. Reload the docker daemon: systemctl reload docker. The logs should appear in the Splunk instance.

Last update: 2023-01-31