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Tasks allow incident handlers to split the workload into unit tasks, and to assign them to the team members.

Add a task

A task can be created by going to Case > Tasks. Clicking on Add Task in the top right corner brings up a new window for the task creation.


A new window appears, requesting additional information. The following information is required:

  • Status: Status of the task.
  • Task Title: Title of the tasks

The following information is optional:

  • Assigned to: The one who should perform the task.
  • Description: A .md formatted description of the task.
  • Task tags: List of tags.


Once Save is clicked, the task is created.

Update a task

Task metadata can be updated by clicking on the task title in the Case > Tasks table. A popup appears and allows to change required and non-required fields.


Once Update is clicked, the task is updated.

Comment a task

Tasks can be commented. This provide the ability for analysts to give more in-deepth information on the task execution (what did they do, how did they do, what are the results, etc.)

To comment a task, one can either right click on the task line and select Comment, or click on the task title, and click on the Comment button. A new windows appears and allows to add comments to the task.


Once Comment is clicked, in the last window, a comment is added to the task. Comments are editable and removable.

Last update: 2023-05-26