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For upgrades instructions, please see the Upgrades page.

Please read upgrades instructions if you are upgrading from v1.3.1 or lower.

v1.4.5 June 9, 2022

What's Changed

  • Added a datastore in #115, fixes #30 :
    • Upload and store any files on IRIS
    • Password protect them as an option
    • Download
    • Add to IOC and/or evidences automatically
    • Reference to files in notes, summary or any textual input
    • Copy/paste of images directly in notes and summary
    • Virtual folders to arrange files
  • Ability to configure password policy in #117, fixes #116
  • Dark mode improved, flickering removed
  • Multiples bugs fixes
  • Security fixes

Full Changelog

Notes: Changes are made to the Nginx docker to allow upload of big files, hence specific upgrades are needed and auto-updates is not yet supported for this version. Please see the upgrades instruction for more details.

v1.4.4 May 18, 2022

What's Changed

  • Implementation of bulk events editing by @sebastiandemmer in #110
  • Fixes context switch button doesn't load cases by @DevJoost in #112
  • Fixes multiple minor bugs

Full Changelog

v1.4.3 May 13, 2022

What's changed

  • Managed IRIS updates from itself
  • Custom icons for assets - fixes #44 by @sebastiandemmer
  • IOCs link in timeline and graph - fixes #50
  • History of modifications in timeline
  • User id in timeline export as an option - fixes #65
  • Backup of database from the interface
  • Minimisation of modals in cases
  • New UI improvements in timeline
  • New minimal notifications for almost all activities
  • Improved overall responsiveness and speed
  • Improved error feedbacks to users
  • Improved load of tasks results by x10
  • Code cleaning
  • Multiple bug fixes

Full Changelog

v1.4.2 April 22, 2022

Improvements :

  • Possibility to duplicates events in timeline - #91
  • Possibility to filter timeline with basic query - #94

Fixes :

  • Integer limit on file size in evidences - #89
  • Gradient in closed cases
  • on-preload hooks list handling - #92
  • tags issue - #88
  • Case info modal from case - #93
  • Multiple UI issues

v1.4.1 April 8, 2022

v1.4.0 April 6, 2022

A bug fixe exists for this version. See v1.4.3

  • Hooks, adding the ability for modules to react on almost anything happening on the plateform in #75
  • New type of modules that can handles hooks
  • VirusTotal beta integration as a processor module
  • MISP beta integration as a processor module
  • Custom attributes on all case objects allowing to extend the default fields
  • A compact timeline view for better visbility
  • Premises of a dark theme
  • Resiliency of docker volume in #80
  • Minor improvements in #69, #79
  • Bug fixes in #70, #73, #77
  • Security fixes

v1.3.1 March 19, 2022

  • Fixes wheel issue preventing proper build of the docker, as described in #83

v1.3.0 January 24, 2022

  • Added the ability to batch upload IOC from a CSV file in #26
  • Added the ability to batch upload assets from a CSV
  • Screenshot - Export contents of any case pages as PNG in #35
  • Export timeline as CSV in #47
  • Improved timeline loading time by x10 - loads thousands of events in a sec
  • New auto parsing of dates in events addition/updates
  • Brand new timeline visualisations
  • Improved assets loading time
  • Shared links - easily share any case objects with your collaborators
  • Right panel now offers last activities for user's current case
  • Added assets tags in #37
  • New API endpoints in #53
  • Auto migration of database for next releases
  • Indication of mandatory fields in forms
  • General bug fixes, stability and UI improvement

v1.2.1 December 31, 2021

  • Added ATT&CK tactics by @ecapuano in #9
  • Added screenshot and video link in readme in #12
  • Fixed duplicated path to add customer in #4
  • Fixed asset description data validation client side in #7
  • Fixed tooltip in #10
  • Add a per-column filtering field in the case view by in #15

Last update: 2022-06-09
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